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Social Innovators

The ORS Impact team has earned a global reputation for leadership, insight and innovation. We work collaboratively with our clients, bringing our distinctive expertise in planning, measurement and evaluation to their most vexing challenges.

Mia Shigemura

Research Analyst

Since her teenage years, Mia has continuously worked with local non-profit organizations and is thrilled to dive into the nuances of ‘doing good' and ‘measuring good’ with the ORS Impact team. Combining her skills in public health, research, and design, Mia supports organizations in learning and creating meaningful change. She is energized by grappling with complex problems and systems and dedicated to using data and insights to help all communities thrive.

Mia graduated with a B.S. from University of Washington's School of Public Health and is currently completing a Master’s in Public Administration at University of Colorado Denver. Previously, she has counseled organ donor families, conducted public health research, supported patient mental health as part of the COVID response, and run across Husky Stadium on game days with Dubs.

A Seattle native, Mia never tires of exploring the infinite gems of the Pacific Northwest. Her passions include improving lives, growing plants, creating art, fumbling with figure skating, and fighting inequities.